What are the 5 types of strike preps available on a Timely frame?

T-Strike Deadbolt Strike ASA Strike Electric Strike Flushbolt Strike

How can a deadbolt strike, T-strike, ASA strike or a Flushbolt strike emboss be concealed if not required?

Deadbolt filler plate = TA-17 T-Strike filler plate = TA-2 ASA strike filler plate = TA-32 Flushbolt filler plate = TA-42

If a customer orders a frame prepared for a standard strike and a deadbolt strike, what is the closest center to center dimension possible?

3 5/16" center to center If a customer requires a 4 7/8" mortise lock on a 1 3/8" thick door and frame, what must we advise him? We cannot prepare the 1 3/8" rabbet of our frame for an ASA strike. He must change his door thickness to 1 3/4".

If a customer orders a frame with an ASA 4 7/8" strike and a deadbolt strike, what is the closest center to center dimension possible?

4 5/8" center to center

If a customer requires a 4 7/8" ASA mortise lock for both doors on a communicating frame, what must we tell him?

Since we cannot put a 4 7/8" ASA strike on a 1 3/8" rabbet, he must use a communicating frame that has a 1 3/4" rabbet both sides.

What is the closest center to center dimension for two 4 7/8" ASA strike embosses?

10" center to center

What is the purpose of our adjustable strike? How much adjustment does it give?

Our adjustable strike allows you to adjust the latching point of the hardware so the door fits tight against the silencers or the gasket on our frame. If walls are out of plane or the door is warped then the strike can be adjusted up to 1/4" to take up any slack that may occur. Also, as the building is used and settles, our strike allows for periodic adjustment to assure a secure and rattle free opening.

What must a customer be aware of if he is not using our T-Strike?

The screw holes on the Timely T-Strike emboss are not tapped because we supply self tapping screws with our strikes. Also, the T strike emboss on the frame is located 3/16" off the center of the rabbet. The strike that comes with the hardware will fit in the emboss but the hole for the latch bolt will have to be filed out considerably in order for the latch bolt to engauge the strike. When using the hardware manufacturers strike, they usually supply machine screws which will not work.

What is the actual size of the opening in an ASA strike emboss to accept hardware?

3 3/8"

When closing certain mortise locks, the latch hits the casing before entering the strike. How can you avoid this problem?

By using an extended lip strike.

If a customer asks that his header be prepped for a flush bolt strike for the inactive door, what preparation do we use and what information do we need?

Timely can provide a universal strike prep and strike plate (TA-40) which will work for a manual, automatic and self latching flush bolt assembly. Or we can prep for a deadbolt or T-Strike which will require the location needed.

Can Timely emboss the 1 3/8" side of the header for our universal flush bolt prep?

No, it was designed for use only on the 1 3/4" side. For the 1 3/8" side we can emboss for a Flush bolt strike (TA-52 or TA-53) which is the same as a deadbolt strike emboss.

When we use a storage hasp why does it have two holes?

One of the major problems with owners of storage facilities is failure of the renter to pay his bill. If the bill is unpaid for the storage unit, the owner of the facility puts his own padlock in the storage hasp thus locking out the delinquent renter.