Ordering, Shipping and Receiving

How many boxes are used for a standard three sided frame?

There are two boxes for one complete frame. One box includes the header and casing and the other box includes the uprights and casing.

How many parts make up the adjustable frame?

There are 6 parts – strike, hinge and header door sides, and strike, hinge and header closure pieces. The casing consists of 6 pieces just as on a standard frame.

What does the label color on the ends of the boxes mean?

Dark Tan Label – Browntone Frame Red Label – Black Frame Yellow Label – Autumn Brown Frame Green Label – Western White Blue Label – Stone Gray, Prime Electro Galvanized, Special Colors

What must you be aware of when shipping a frame that is smaller than 4″?

One header will no longer work for both 1 3/4" and 1 3/8" uprights. You must ship either 1 3/8" or 1 3/4" header to match uprights.

Is the Timely throat size the same as the call out width?

Yes, because unlike hollow metal frames, Timely frames do not have a return.

What size frame would you order for a 4 3/4" wall?

Because of the tendency for walls to “grow”, we provide a frame 1/8" larger than the plan or shop drawing wall dimension.

What are Timely’s frame series S, C, CK, AK, A, E, DE and P?

S = 20 ga Classic Frame
C = 18 ga. Classic Frame
E = 20 ga. Classic Frame (made of Stainless Steel or Brass)
CK = 18 ga. Kerfed Frame
AK = 20 ga. Adjustable Kerfed Frame
DE = 18 ga. Double Egress Frame
P = 18 ga. Pocket Door Trim Kit