Is there a difference in a fire rated Timely frame and a non-rated frame?

With the exception of the fire label there is no difference. The only difference is that we apply the required fire label.

If a customer orders a single swing labeled frame with no strike prep, what must we include and why?

A labeled frame with no strike prep will require a TA-12 reinforcement plate. Since all labeled frames must be self-latching, the absence of a strike prep indicates the use of a rim panic device. The TA-12 is the required reinforcement and is factory applied to the stop of the frame for installation of a rim panic device strike.

If a wall is rated one hour, what label can we put on our frame?

Depending on the occupancy and code restrictions, the openings are normally 45 minute rated or 20 minute rated smoke doors

If the wall is two hour, what label must we put on our frame?

A 90 minute label.

Why do lighter gauge frames perform better in fire tests?

Because of the light gauge steel, heat transference from one side of the frame to the other is much quicker, which greatly reduces bowing common with heavier gauge frames.

Does Timely have a reference number for International Conference of Building Officials (I.C.B.O.)?

Intertek Testing is listed by I.C.B.O (reference number 24080). Since we are listed with Intertek we reference their number for compliance with I.C.B.O..

If a customer has a fire rated frame with steel casing installed, and wants to remove casing, clips and flatten the casing clip tabs to apply wood casing, is our frame still fire rated?

Yes, because we can label a frame with wood casing. The frame must be installed with fasteners every 11" and the wood casing must be attached with finish nails driven into the structure at opposing angles. .

What do we recommend if a fire rated frame is going to be field painted?

Order the frame with a pre-masked label or with an embossed label. The covering on the pre-masked label is peeled off after painting to expose the label.

What can be done if a frame is ordered without a fire label or the fire label is removed in the field?

Request a letter of Certification stating that the frame is rated. If this is not acceptable, only a representative from Intertek may apply a label once the frame is installed. This option is very costly to the responsible party.