How is a template hinge different from a non-template hinge?

Template hinges have a fixed screw hole pattern agreed upon by all hinge manufacturing companies for use with steel door frames as opposed to a custom hole pattern used with wood, called a non-template hinge. All Timely standard hinge embosses are template screw pattern.

What corner configuration does Timely use for 3 1/2", 4" and 4 1/2" hinges?

3 1/2" = 1/4" radius or 5/8" radius (must specify) 4" = 1/4" radius 4 1/2" = square 5" = square

Can a 4" x 4" square cornered hinge be used with a Timely frame?

No. If necessary, most hinge manufacturers can “clip” the corners of square corner hinges to make them 1/4" radius to fit the Timely hinge emboss.

What is the hinge backset on a 1 3/4" and 1 3/8" Timely frame?

1 3/4" frame = 3/8" backset on frame 1 3/8" frame = 9/32" backset on frame

What is the emboss depth on our frame for the following hinges?

3 1/2" = .100 * for residential hinges 3 1/2" = .120 * for heavy weight hinges 4" = .120 * 4 1/2" = .135 * 4 1/2"HW = .180 5"= .140 5"HW = .190 * = plus or minus .005

In many instances, a hinge is specified that exceeds the thickness of our emboss on our frames. If this happens, what is a possible solution?

If the thickness of the hinge exceeds the embossed depth on our frame, you can compensate for this difference by dapping deeper into the door.

What is the minimum edge of hinge to edge of hinge dimension between two hinge preparations?

Due to the machinery limitations, the closest dimension between two hinge preparations is 7".

What do we mean when we ask for the hinge backset on the door or frame?

For the door, the hinge backset is the measurement from the edge of the door to the edge of the hinge mortise. For the frame, the measurement is from the inside of the stop to the edge of the hinge emboss. This dimension is critical since it controls the space between the door and the stop on the frame. The backset on the door has to be less than the backset on the frame.

What is the correct screw package for our frame used with a wood door?

Because the frame is steel and the door is wood, we need a split package of machine screws and wood screws. Packing should have 4 each 12- 24 x 1/2" machine screws and 4 each #12 x 1 1/4" flat head phillips wood screws for each hinge used with 1 3/4" doors. For 1 3/8" doors, you would need 4 each 10-24 x 1 /2" machine screws with #9 undercut head and 4 each #9 x 3/4" wood screws.