MOD Concept

MODIFICATION EQUIPMENT – Timely Manually Operated System


Superior Customer Service

  • Provide special jambs, sidelights and borrowed lights in short lead time (1 – 3 days) instead of factory lead time (3 – 4 weeks)
  • Ability to modify and respond quickly to jobsite changes instead of waiting 3 – 4 weeks for factory replacements
  • Ability to provide replacement parts from stock to arrive at job when needed

Additional Profit

  • On Tenant work, time is much more important than cost. If you can save a week in finishing the project, that means one more week of lease revenue
  • When products are needed sooner, customers are willing to pay more – MOD equipment allows the distributor to provide frames at much higher margins because of lead time
  • Having MOD to supplement a traditional hollow metal shop keeps shop people busy when one or the other segment is slow – less turnover
  • Savings on freight – non MOD customers have to pay for low volume freight charges which can be as much as 1/2 of the cost of the frame. MOD customers build parts out of stock that was shipped in with large stock orders at much lower freight costs

Additional Business

  • Allows MOD shops to sell material to other Timely dealers when dealer is unable to wait for factory lead time. This is business that they would never receive without MOD

No freight add, and they can have it the next day. Freight would be at least $20.00 per unit giving you additional opportunity for profit.