GalXC Technical Sheet




Our new GalXC material is now the Standard for all of our Timely door frames raising the quality and performance properties to the highest level at an exceptional value. GalXC is a Hot Dipped Galvanized product that provides superior corrosion resistance in the harshest environments while balancing outstanding surface, gauge, and shape quality.

  • Easier to specify, ALL Timely frames are made of GalXC, so they can be installed in any environment
  • The GalXC zinc coating protects the steel by acting as a sacrificial anode, any exposed parts of the steel, such as exposed edges on the strike emboss or at the end of each frame, are also protected by the thicker zinc coating
  • G-30 Coating weight
  • Meets all specifications in the ASTM A653 spec


INSTALLATION PROCESS – Our frames can be stored at the job-site longer during inclement weather conditions. The prefinished opening system requires only 2 trips to the opening – one to distribute the material and one to install all components.

VERSATILITY – We now offer frames which can be used in interior and exterior applications with the proper flashing.

ORDERING PROCESS – It is now easier to order our product, no need to specify different frames for bathrooms or other humid environments.



The suppliers of the hot-rolled steel coils which are converted into the finished product use a basic oxygen furnace (BOF) process with a typical recycled content of 25% to 35%. The finished product contains approximately 34.9% recycled steel. Post-consumer scrap accounts for approximately 24.3%, and
pre-consumer scrap accounts for approximately 9.4%.



Our GalXC Hot Dipped Galvanized is in compliance with the most recent RoHS adopted by the European Union (Directive 2011/65/EU).

GalXC does not require registration or notification under the European Union’s REACH regulations.

  • GalXC does not contain substances that are intended to be released into the environment
  • GalXC does not contain “Substances of Very High Concern” in concentrations greater than 0.1% per article

GalXC Reframing the Industry


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