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TA-26H Casing Clip Removal Tool   TA-26MODN Crimping Tool
Casing Clip Removal Tool   TA-26 MODN Crimping Tool

In some cases, the casing clip has to be removed from the frame to avoid interference with the die. The TA-26H easily spreads the “ears” that hold the clip in place making removal of the clip quick and effortless.


When modifying or fabricating a header, the header alignment tab must be fastened to the header in the correct location so the jamb will align properly with the header when installed. The header alignment tab slides over the end of the head and the Crimping Tool is used to “dimple” the alignment tab to the header.

TA-26O Mullion Drill Fixture   TA-26 MODN-6B Mullion Spacer Clamp
TA-26O Mullion Drill Fixture   TA-26 MODN Crimping Tool

The Mullion drill fixture is a jig to locate the hole for the screw used to fasten the mullion to the TA-15N bracket when installing the sidelight.


The Mullion Spacer Clamp when used with the 2" Mullion Spacer Block assures the perfect inside and outside dimensions when assembling the jamb and insert sections to form a mullion.

TA-16 Header Notch Template   TA-16 MODN-5 Snips
TA-16 Header Notch Template   TA-16 MODN-5 Snips

The Header Notch Template locates the exact cut lines required to create a header notch in a jamb section. Following the instructions supplied with the template, it is easy to re-create the header notch when reducing the header length. This template is used if the TA-26MODN header notch tool is not available.


These snips are used to clip the corners off the inside header rabbets to avoid contact with the radius between the rabbet and stop on the jamb when the frame is installed. If these corners are not clipped, the jamb will not rest tight against the stop on the header. The same snips can be used when manually nothching a header using the TA-16 Header Notch Template.