Timely is pleased to announce that 99.4% of our employees have been vaccinated for Covid-19.  

Reach out to our Sales and Customer Service teams.

Name Title Phone Number email

Gary Tew National Sales Manager 334-791-1279 GaryTew@timelyframes.com
Dan B. Joaquin Sales 909-647-8060 DanJoaquin@timelyframes.com
Dennis C. Nichols Sales/Tech Support 818-822-1149 DennisNichols@timelyframes.com
Wendell Floyd Sales/Tech Support 334-791-0561 WendellFloyd@timelyframes.com
customer service
Name Title Phone Number email

Darlene Rodriguez Customer Service Manager 818-634-3445 drodriguez@timelyframes.com
Marisa Torres Assistant Customer Service Manager 818-794-6003 mtorres@timelyframes.com
Deanna Rabang Customer Service 818-794-6009 drabang@timelyframes.com
Miriam Castro Customer Service 818-794-6007 mcastro@timelyframes.com
Crisantema Franco Customer Service 818-794-6008 cfranco@timelyframes.com
Maria Michel Customer Service 818-794-6006 mmichel@timelyframes.com
Wendy Cervandes Customer Service 818-794-6010 wcervantes@timelyframes.com

COVID-19 Employee, Vendor, & Customer Updates

Updated: Monday, April 4, 2021