Pocket Door Trim

Pocket Door Trim Kit

Does Timely provide a frame to be used with a pocket door?

No. Timely provides pocket door trim with casing. The pocket frame is provided by others.

What is the smallest wall size a pocket door frame can be ordered when using a 1 3/4" or 1 3/8" door?

A 4 1/2" wall (4 1/2) not (45)

What is the single most important factor an installer must know to install a Timely Pocket Kit?

J Trim used at the header must be at least 1/2" narrower than the door width for single swing, and 1" for paired openings

Can Timely tell the customer what the rough opening is for a pocket trim kit?

No, the customer needs to get this information from where he is purchasing his cage.

Can Timely provide a pocket trim set with a door recess on the latch side?

Yes, specify “inverted stop” on the strike jamb. The header is 1" less than the door size instead of 1/2" as on a regular pocket trim jamb.