What is the purpose of a TA-10?

The TA-10 is a closer reinforcement used when mounting the arm shoe on a regular arm closer. The reinforcement is mounted beneath the casing, anchored solidly to the structure with screws provided. The casing is then applied over the top of the reinforcement. Without this reinforcement the casing will collapse when the screws are tightened. The dimensions are 1" x 6 1/2", and is 11/32" thick

What is the purpose of a TA-12?

The TA-12 is a reinforcement that fits into the header and is secured to the frame using 3M double stick adhesive for use when installing parallel arm closers. Other common uses are to anchor a rim exit device strike, a full width coordinator, and in some cases, various types of bolts, latches and strikes that require special reinforcements. The dimensions are 2 3/8" x 12" and is made with 14 gauge material.

What is the purpose of a TA-25?

The TA-25 is a multi-purpose reinforcement that fits against the flat portion of our frame. It can be cut to various sizes to accommodate the requirements of a particular piece of hardware. A very common application for the TA-25 is a reinforcement for double acting spring hinges on a cased opening no stop frame. The dimensions are 3 5/16" x 12" and is .074 thick and is made in 14 gauge material, hot dip galvanized steel.

What is the purpose of the TA-11?

The TA-11 is a 14 gauge hinge reinforcement bracket which is factory applied behind our hinge emboss

What is the purpose of a TA-58?

The TA-58 is a flat bar reinforcement that fits on the hinge rabbet to provide solid anchorage for the screws on a continuous hinge. The dimensions are 2" x Jamb height minus 1 1/4". It is .074 thick and made in 14 gauge material, hot dip galvanized steel.