Modification Equip

Modification Equipment

What is the TA-26 Hydro Press?

A manually operated 30 ton press which enables the user to emboss an ASA strike, T-Strike (1 3/4"), T-Strike (1 3/8"), 3 1/2" hinge (1/4" radius), 4 1/2" hinge, 4" hinge, TA-40 flush bolt and TA-3 deadbolt strike. You can virtually manufacture a custom frame out of stock stick material.

If a customer has his own punch press, can the Timely dies work with that press?

Yes, if the press was a minimum of 30 tons and we were provided with the following information: 1. Shut height 2. Stroke 3. Center distance on the ram bolts 4. Distance from frame to bolt holes in ram

What is the TA-26 M.O.D. (Manually Operated Die) System?

It is a combination of 3 Free Standing Presses equipped with specialized cutting dies which can be used in your shop or in the field to allow the complete fabrication of windows, sidelites and custom headers from a stick system.

What Presses are available?

1. M.O.D.N. – Used for notching both headers and mullions 2. M.O.D.C. – Used for cutting casing (either 45 degree or square cut) 3. M.O.D.G. – Used for cutting, piercing and dimpling glass stop, both 1/2" and 3/4" 4. M.O.D.ST. – Used for oversized stop on 67 & 72 wall sizes