Exterior Use

Exterior Use

What are three important considerations when using a Timely frame in exterior locations?

When using our frame for exterior openings, the frame must be galvanized prior to painting to minimize the possibility of rust. Because Timely frames are installed over a finished wall, it is important that the exterior side of the frame be adequately flashed to prevent water from being directed to the inside of the frame.

If a building is using stucco on the exterior and using a Timely frame in an exterior location what can be done to make sure the opening is adequately flashed?

We recommend a special stucco mold that has a kerf cut out in it. The mold can be mounted to the stud and the building paper and stucco materials can be applied in the normal fashion. Then, when ready, the frame can be installed with the exterior nailing flange in the kerf to provide a secure and weather tight installation. The frame must be ordered with nail holes only on the exterior side for this application to work.

What do we recommend in a high corrosive or humid environment?

Frames in any environment exposed to moisture or salt air or corrosive chemicals must be galvanized. Another possible option is to use E series Frames made from 304 #4 Stainless Steel.