What is the standard casing provided?

TA-8 steel casing.

Why do we manufacture all casing with the leg that sits on the wall longer than the leg that sits on the frame?

Because our casing is designed to overlap the face of the frame and rest against the wall.

What is the correct way to install our standard TA-8 casing?

Align header casing on top of clips and snap down on the clip closest to the center. This will make it easy to align the header and upright casing. Next, connect upright casing (with MiterGard corner piece already installed) into header casing. Roll the upright casing over the casing clips on the wall side and with the heel of your palm, press casing over top clip toward door side and then proceed all the way down upright piece. Then snap rest of header casing onto clips. Make any final adjustments in the corners if needed.

What is the correct way to remove casing?

Pull casing towards door. Insert a tack remover or flat screwdriver between casing and frame at bottom inside location. Twist to pop casing off the clip. With a rocking motion, continue to work up the frame towards the header releasing casing from each clip as you go.

What are some of the selling points of our casing?

A. Clips allow casing to follow wall leaving no gaps behind trim B. Strength, economy and fire ratings of steel vs. aluminum C. The use of aluminum casing provides a cost effective alternative to aluminum frames.

If a designer wants our frame to look like aluminum, what can be done?

You can snap onto our frame three different profiles of aluminum casing. The TA-23, TA-28, and TA-28M which provides the strength of steel and a crisp appearance of aluminum.

A customer is using our frame with an entry door and wants to use wood casing on the exterior side of the frame and use our standard steel casing on the inside of the frame. If the door swings in, how must the frame be ordered?

“Nail holes and oval slots only” on 1 3/8" side.

If a customer wants to use wood casing only, what terminology would you use in placing the order?

“Nail holes and oval slots both sides”.

Are all Timely casings interchangeable?

Yes (Example: A Black frame with Stainless Steel Casing).

What is the purpose of a TA-18 casing retainer clip?

The TA-18 is an aluminum casing retainer clip that allows you to attach casing to a frame ordered without clips or to a hollow metal frame. It will accept all Timely standard casing.

If using our TA-18 casing retainer clip, how many clips do we recommend for a 3-0 x 6-8 frame?

We recommend 4 clips to each upright per side and 3 clips on the header per side.

What is the purpose of the Timely MiterGard (used with TA-8 steel casing), TA-24 (used with TA-23, TA-28 or TA-28M aluminum casing) or TA-31 (used with TA-30 casing) casing corner piece?

It is a corner piece used at the miters to ensure a tight miter and to keep the header and the upright casing in the same plane.

Upright casing is handed. How do you tell an LS (Left Side) from a RS (Right Side)?

Facing the front side of the casing, the high side of the miter determines which side the casing goes on